...to the Gender Reassignment Clinic, one of the most respected and caring gender reassignment treatment facilities in the UK

The Gender Reassignment Clinic is led by one of the countries leading Consultant Urologists, Mr Phil Thomas FRCS (Urol), who specialises in Reconstructive Urological Surgery and Gender Reassignment Surgery.

Mr Thomas is first and foremost a Consultant Urological Surgeon in the NHS, practicing at Brighton and Sussex Universities Hospitals Trust, where he is Clinical Director of the Cancer Directorate and specialises in the provision and training of  Reconstructive Urological Surgery. Mr Thomas also has a busy private practice, where patients considering Gender Reassignment Surgery can seek his expert opinion and if and when the time is right, gender reassignment surgery.

At the Gender Reassignment Clinic you can expect to find an accepting and understanding welcome from all our staff and a considerate, caring and professional Consultant led service from your very first consultation, through to your final discharge.  We know from experience how Transexual and Gender Dysphoria patients can suffer from the a life time of frustration living with their original  gender and the massive relief surgery can bring to some, allowing them to enjoy a healthy future as a member of the opposite sex.

As you will probably already know if you are reading this website, seeking help to live a fulfilled life in a new gender can be a long and often emotionally arduous journey. However, making the ultimate decision to permanently alter your external genitalia can only come after you have demonstrated your wish & ability to live in your chosen gender role for a significant time (typically 2-3 years) and after in-depth psychiatric evaluation to ensure this step is really the right and best step for you!